Why Plastbau EIFS?

Advantages of Plastbau EIFS System : * EIFS with Plastbau promotes energy savings from 35-60% for cooling climates, depending on the chosen insulation slab (white or silver) and the chosen thickness of the insulation. * EIFS with Plastbau performs better than stucco, concrete block, fiber cement siding, and brick in energy efficiency because the insulation is SEAMLESS. Thus no moisture intrusion and always controlled indoor temperature due to the use of the block-work as cool temperature storage, distinguish EIFS as an excellent choice in mixed, coastal and hot & humid climates.

EIFS - External Insulation Finishing System

The EIFS insulation system of the external building envelope is the most common type for thermal insulation of new low and mid-rise buildings. It can save up to 50% of energy costs. The business unit will provide the entire system covering several components. Refurbishments conducted with EIFS will add more value to the owner's portfolio than demolition and replacement.

DFE - Decorative Facade Elements

DFE is designed to alter the shape of regular built structures in order to generate a complete individual outlook of building units and to provide insulating properties at the same time. The system is developed especially for refurbishment of existing units. All system components are manufactured using Polystyrene as structural element. The target is to achieve a complete new and modern outlook of buildings (KFUPM refurbishment, SIPCHEM Building) by taking into account energy insulating considerations to prevent losses at the same time. All elements fulfill the strict fire standards of non-loadbearing facade cladding system (NFPA 285).

GRP - Glass Fiber Reinforced Polystyrene Profiles

GRP is the economically justified replacement of nearly all GRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) Profile applications. Decorative elements used to enhance building expression are commonly executed as so called "GRC". GRP achieve similar results at 30-40% lower costs and by 70% weight reduction.

PLASTBAU SYSTEM GENERAL CONTRACTOR - ICF Structural Building & Finishing System

The PLASTBAU SYSTEM replaces common block-work by providing insulating building elements including all materials for external and internal finishing - the cavity in between the insulating material is filled with regular cast in-situ concrete. 50-60% energy saving may be achieved. The system is suitable for new low and mid-rise buildings.

PIMH - Pre-engineered Insulated Modular Housing

PIMH is developed as self-sustainable housing concept providing independent utility and wastewater management. It is designed to provide intermediate housing, workshop area, camp space, refugee homes, military housing and catastrophe mitigation and remote development units.

3D MODELING & PROTOTYPING - From Landscape Elements - Individual Furniture - Event Design

Polystyrene in combination with high performance polymer modified mortars and high-end finishing solutions are used to serve as durable furniture and design elements for public and private applications. Due to its versatility in design and size, such elements are used as well for land scaping (artificial rock-formations, sculptures) purposes. CAD engineered structures using materials 100% manufactured in the proposed entity will be offered to the market.

I - STAIRS - The innovative CAD Pre-fabricated Staircase Designing and Building System

When it comes to stairs, builders are often facing challenges. There is the issue with the accuracy and tremendous efforts in finishing when building "cast in situ". Precast Stairs are pricy and heavy and requires special equipment and skills. The solution for this - I-STAIRS - Go to Gallery